Multi-cryptocurrency wallet — Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are wondering which specific wallet they should use to store a really large amount of cryptocurrencies at the same time. We have to check for ourselves if this is the best wallet for absolutely all cryptocurrencies.

Jaxx Liberty Portfolio Review

Along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the virtual money market is filled with a really huge number of applications and wallets for storing electronic money. The vast majority of mobile wallets offer interesting features that can really be useful to a given user.

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet - Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Jaxx Liberty is a popular and multi-currency wallet developed by Decentral Inc and therefore a recognized Canadian company that deals with bitcoin as well as blockchain technology, including the production of bitcoin ATMs (bitcoins), a cryptocurrency wallet and other services that operate in the ecosystem digital currencies.

The first version of the wallet called Jaxx was released in 2014. Moreover, in recent years, it has become one of the best wallets for various cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoins.

What is Jaxx liberty? Jaxx Liberty is, of course, the second version of the cryptocurrency wallet. Compared to the previous version, it has been improved and modified in a very innovative way. Among other things, all security has been improved and the level of anonymity has also been increased. Jaxx Liberty is firmly integrated with ShapeShift, allowing users to easily exchange their cryptocurrencies for completely different ones, without delays or additional exchange fees.

This is a multi-currency HD (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet) wallet created by an experienced development team. Jaxx Liberty allows us to store over eighty cryptocurrencies and tokens in one place. It is also a wallet where the user manages their PIN and seed.

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet - Jaxx Liberty Wallet

The man behind Jax's wallet is known as Anthony Di Loriot. He is one of the crypto-wealthy people who became interested in cryptocurrencies very early on. In addition, he is also the co-founder of Ethereum.

New wallet features — Jaxx Liberty

One of the main features of the Jaxx Liberty wallet is, of course, the ability to store and conclude transactions using a really many different cryptocurrencies, as well as useful tokens.

It's definitely a one-stop-shop. It is used to view all cryptocurrencies, there is one main panel that shows the current state of our resources. Another issue is portfolio. Thanks to this tab, you will almost always be aware of the current value of your funds that are accumulating in our account. The next two things are a message viewer. It's called News Viewer. Market data, that is, market data, is also very important. This is a really great wallet.

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